Now you can make reseravations of Staying at Potato no oka until Sep.30,2019.

So please check our home-page and make booking of Staying at Potato no oka
as soon as possible. We think you have a lot of chance of staying at
Potato no oka, because this year we opened the WEB sites of reservations on May 14.
As for reservations,don't call us by telephone or mail because of man-power shortage.
It is possible for you to make reservations only from the WEB sites of our home-page. 

We can support your unforgetable trip to Biei in decent English! Feel free to ask us anything regarding your trip through e-mails. We have many customers from overseas everyday! They enjoy staying with us very much!!

Potato no Oka is located in the middle of Patchwork hills.You can overlook vast scenery through the windows.

Only 15min. drive (or bus ride) from Asahikawa airport. 

Our cheff has worked in a first class hotel in Tokyo and prepares various menu for our guests.

You have never seen snow before? No experiences in skiing? No problem at all!! Our friendly staffs will assist you from the very beginning. Cross-country skiing is very easy. It is like "walking" on snow!! Do not worry. Jump into the snow world with us!(Our cross-country skiing tours are held on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and Mondays only. )
Please see bellow for more info!!

Visit Biei and make your dream come true!!
If you have any questions about your trip to Biei,
please feel free to e-mail us! Please click here!!

Cross Country Skiing Tour!!

Information about cross country skiing tour:
Do you know what the cross country ski is? It is different from skiing at the ski area. Since the cross country ski is light because of no heel binding and no edge, cross country ski is easier to control even you are a beginner. The courses we chose to walk are on the farmer's fields which are NOT permitted to enter without the farmer's permission, getting the permissions from 10 farmers. While doing the cross country ski, you can enjoy a 360 degree panoramic view of Biei. Doesn't it sound great? Let's join us to experience the winter of Biei together!

                        Middle of December ~ Middle of March
Half day course …............... 3500yen
          (If you stay at Potato no Oka, You can get some discount!! See the fees bellow)
Full day course …................ 4800yen
          (If you stay at Potato no Oka, You can get some discout! See the fees bellow)

*Start Time---9:00 OR/AND 13:00 (Tour time---2-2.5hour/2-2.5hour)
*Please come to our place before 8:30 OR 12:30.
   Otherwise, you cannot join our skiing-tour.
*The tour can be canceled without any notice depending on the weather condition of the day.

* Five courses available. Our tour guide will decide the course for the day depending on weather conditions. 
Tour guide, insurance, ski, ski poles and ski boots, are ALL INCLUDED in the cost mentioned above.

The skiing tours available on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays, and Mondays.

*If you stay at our place, you can get some discount as follows:

The tour fee for the customers who stay at Potato no Oka:

Half day tour ---2600yen (either in the morning OR in the afternoon)
Full day tour--- 3950yen(morning AND afternoon)

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Do we need to wear our own shoes too ?
---NO. You can use our ski and ski boots. (the rental fee for them is included in the fee)
You will need water proof jacket, pants, and grabs. If you do not have them, You can use ours(jacket and pants, grabs: 600yen per person).

2.After dismiss, how can we go back to Biei JR station? do I need to book a taxi in advance?
how much for the taxi from your place back to Biei JR station?

---If you do not stay at Potato no oka, we cannot pick you up at the station. You have to take a taxi from Biei station to Potato no Oka. And you need to take a taxi when you go back to the station as well.  It is about 1600yen per taxi. You need to arrive at Biei potato no oka by8:30(12:30) at least. If you cannot make it, you cannot join the tour.

---If you stay at Biei potato no oka, our driver will be able to pick you up at Biei station.
For example, If you take a train leaving Asahikawa at 11:33 and arrive at Biei at 12:07,  our driver will pick you up at JR Biei station at 12:07.
Please get something to eat for lunch before you take the train at Asahikawa.

New Staffs Wanted

Regarding conditions, feel free to ask us by e-mail.
cleaning, help for cooking, keeping garden etc.
Required Japanese or English speaking